There are many things to deal with to build a great dashboard. But one is often underestimated : Context.

Is really true with Qlik, because you add filters to filters, and without a really intensive comprehension of your app, it's really easy to get confused about your actual dataset.

Another kind of context is to show totals, targets, averages.

Don't just spam users with data, help them understand quickly if it's good or not !

Something really awesome with Qlik is the ability to provide advanced analysis with datamodeling. My tric today is quite known because it's often use to display a Profit and Loss chart with table. But I've not seen so much Chart implementations, even if it's really powerful.

In my example, the client ask for a dashboard on % Target completion by Country and Region.

Quite an easy job, just display Country, Region, and % to Target, add coloring and Voila ! Next...

No, No No ... Wanna be a πŸ¦Έβ€β™‚οΈ ? Let's add some Context !

The hint here is to create only One Dimension from two, and assigning different "level". Then you can display them in the same chart and it's really to see for each region how they perform against total and their country

Check the script and data model in the app to fully understand the concept.


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