While sharing post on Linkedin, training people or heading workshop with end users, I really spend lots of time talking about context.

It's one of the main things that will make your dashboard effective

I don't tell you to over feed every sheet with numbers, but to pick the right fact or chart to support your main KPI

I'm starting a series on idea to add context in different ways or use cases, let's see how I can find !

Don't let the average alone !

Average is a perfect example to start with. It's really easy to show incorrect or imprecise results if you don't care what you do.

In this HR dataset, I'm looking at the average Monthly Income by age of employees.

Adding context is also adding valuable information answering the next question. Styling lines in differents format is really convenient in this case.

The gap between average and fractiles is something to look at if you want your user to trully understand. That's also why I've added another chart to show the gap in percentage to not depend on the absolute value.

Download the app at https://drive.google.com/open?id=1o6nO2a00kvIXzmIY...